About Us

The Mountain Run Farm Difference

Mountain Run Farm is a unique family farm located in Sedalia, Virginia (northern Bedford County). Raising local, humanely-raised, all natural, premium meats, we serve the surrounding community with a focus on grass-fed beef from start to finish. As we care for and heal the land the animals we raise here become a source of life and vitality to our friends and customers.

We serve the surrounding Bedford, Lynchburg, Roanoke and Central Virginia areas with nutrient-dense, grass-fed beef and pastured pork. We love offering our delicious, premium, local food directly to you for the enjoyment and health of your family.

Small Family Farms vs. Factory Farms

Most meats you buy today in the store are “factory farmed”, a mass-scale industrial method of raising animals and producing meats that challenges the health, safety and environmental impact of our American diet.

Our dream for Mountain Run Farm is to provide you with an alternative to store bought, “no-name” meats by raising our animals with care, wisely stewarding the land and vowing to continually improve.

Healthy land and your nutrition

We as a family place good nutrition as the foundation for building a healthy balance in our lives. This focus on nutrition has led us to place soil health as a top priority for the farm. From this focal point we see the health of our soil as being the key to providing you with the most nutritious food available.

Healthy soil =
Healthy grasses =
Healthy animals =
Healthy meats =
Healthy people

We know plenty of family and friends who are also making their nutrition a greater focus. For some this step comes after a battle with a sickness. We are constantly hearing of a family member, neighbor, or friend coming down with symptoms of an undiagnosed disease, cancer, or other chronic condition. This forces us all to look at our health, our nutrition, our stress levels and our lifestyle and make changes for the better.