We Are Part of the Earth and It is Part of Us...What Befalls the Earth Befalls All the Sons of the Earth.

-Chief Seattle (1852)


Mountain Run Farm is where we call home. We are a family farm located in Bedford County, Virginia on a journey to heal the land and in turn pass the healing onto our customers. Our acreage is in a serene valley with pristine mountain views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We’re not far from the cultural gathering place: the Sedalia Center, the breathtaking Blue Ridge Parkway and the majestic Peaks of Otter.

We serve the surrounding Bedford, Lynchburg and Central Virginia community with farm-born, farm-raised, grass-fed (grass-only!) beef, and pastured pork, specializing in closed herd genetics, mob grazing and chemical free farming practices. We love offering our delicious, premium, local food directly to you for the enjoyment and health of your family.

Most meats you buy today in the store are “factory farmed”, a mass-scale industrial method of raising animals and producing meats that challenges the health, safety and environmental impact of our American diet. Our dream for Mountain Run Farm is to provide you with an alternative to store bought, “no-name” meats by raising our animals with care, wisely stewarding the land and vowing to continually improve.

Hope to see you soon!
Your REAL food farmers
-Ben, Carly Coleman (and kids!)