Mountain Run Permaculture

mountain run permaculture

Mountain Run Farm is home to a small circle of interrelated producers and projects lead by friends and family. As separate endeavors that all share the same land, we strive to both support and promote one another.


Mountain Run Permaculture is the out-growth of Mark Angelini’s work as co-owner of Roots to Fruits, LLC in his home of Southeast Michigan. After consulting, designing, and building ecological and edible landscapes from 2010-2016 with Roots to Fruits, he and Allison moved to Mountain Run Farm in Sedalia, Virginia. They continue and expand this work from their small corner of the farm, where they are developing a diverse landscape of systems and enterprises from organic cider apples, herbs, and vegetables to livestock, nursery, woodcraft, and herbal products.

Mark and Allison are also working with the farm at-large to manage woodlands, plant trees and other perennials into the pasture, improve riparian buffers, maintain hedges, and help improve the overall vitality of the broader landscape.

Their services offer multi-faceted avenues for individuals to reconnect to their local ecology while producing an abundance of nutrient dense food and medicine. Through consulting and education, we support our clients and students in becoming stewards of their place. Whether you have a small city lot, a modest suburban parcel, or an expansive rural property, we work at all scales and skill-levels to most appropriately harmonize your landscape realities and personal goals.