At the 2014 Virginia Biological Farming Conference in Richmond, Virginia, our own Ben Coleman was honored to give a presentation titled: ‘Harmonious Herd Management for Land & Animals‘. This presentation was a deep dive into the inner workings of the farm, some history of the land, and our ecological understanding. Ben wanted to show what drives our pasture-based approach to animal husbandry, how holistic herd management has transformed our soil health over time, and how this approach to farming fits into a broader land ethic.

Ben also touches on cattle genetics, wildlife management, personal food production, and the benefits of following the practices of holistic land healing. Whether for your own personal homestead or for market production of premium meats, this snapshot of the farm is an inspiring exploration for anyone interested in sustainable agriculture and how it relates to our role as caretakers of the earth.

We pulled this presentation out of the archives so you can get a glimpse into our history and philosophy of regenerative farming. Click through the presentation below. Enjoy!